AirCare HDC2R Humidifier Wick Replacement Filter

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The AirCare HDC2R Humidifier Wick Replacement Filter is the replacement filter for the Essick Air HDC2R Humidifier Wick Filter. This set of replacement wick filters is compatible with several humidifier models from Emerson MoistAIR and Sears Kenmore. This two pack of humidifier filters features Trapmax® honeycomb filtration, allowing it to reduce mineral pollutants within water so that your unit can offer contaminant free humidification for your home or office. These evaporator pads are OEM filters and should be replaced at least once person, or more if used under hard water conditions.


AirCare HDC2R Filter Specifications:


  • Part Number: HDC2R
  • Model Number: HDC2R
  • Includes 2 filters
  • Media Material: Cellulose
  • Dimensions: 6.25-in H x 10.75-in W x 2.38-in D
  • Replaces Sears Kenmore part numbers 32-14909 and 42-14909
  • Replace once per season (or more if living in hard water areas)The AirCare HDC2R is compatible with select humidifier model numbers listed below:
  • Emerson MoistAIR models: HD-500, HD-6200, HD-7002, HD-7005, HD-70021, HD-70050
  • Sears Kenmore models: 1442, 14407, 14451, 144070, 144071, 144131, 144510, 758.14451, 758.144070, 758.144071, 758.144131, 758.144510, 758.299772C (14909, 29962, 32-14909, 32-29962, 42-14909, 42-29962, 03214909000)



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