Essick Air HDC3T Humidifier Wick Filter 6-Pack

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The Essick Air HDC3T Humidifier Wick Filter helps to effectively trap waterborne minerals and dissolved solids before they enter your air or build up on the inside of your humidifier cabinet. Also known as part number HDC3T, this Essick Air Evaporator Filter supplies fresh, moist air for your indoor environment. The advanced design of this replacement evaporative filter helps to eliminate messy white dust, traps and retains mineral deposits.


Essick Air Humidifier Wick Replacement Specifications:


  • Part Number: HDC3T
  • Model Number: HDC3T
  • Media Material: Cellulose
  • Assembled Dimensions: 9-in H x 7-in W x 11-in D
  • Traps waterborne minerals
  • Eliminate messy white dust
  • Fits Emerson Table Top Humidifiers
  • Provides natural evaporative humidification


The following humidifier models require 2 wick filters for efficient operation: Emerson HD12W, HD12WV, HD13W, HD14W, HD10W, and HD15W humidifiers. Replace your humidifier wick filter 2 times each season, based on usage for optimum performance.

The HDC3T is the correct replacement for the following humidifiers:


  • Emerson HD-03W MoistAIR Table Top Humidifier
  • Emerson HD-04W MoistAIR Table Top Humidifier
  • Emerson HD-750 MoistAIR Table Top Humidifier
  • Emerson HD-755 MoistAIR Table Top Humidifier
  • Emerson HD-850 (14920) MoistAIR Table Top Humidifier



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