General 1099 Compatible Humidifier Filter Pad Paper

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The G20WPR is a compatible equivalent of the General 1099 Humidifier Filter Pad Paper. This humidifier filter saves on water consumption through the use of 50% less water than similar metal pad filters. You will also see the benefit of this filter pad’s micro-free antimicrobial agent, which reduces impurities like bacteria, algae, fungus, and mineral deposits.

This humidifier water panel is manufactured with paper for higher quality and better performance. This humidifier water pad has a large surface area that evaporates water quickly and disperses it more efficiently into the air. This white wick paper filter should be replaced at least twice a year for the optimal performance.


The General G20WPR is the compatible replacement filter for the following models:

  • General 1099
  • General 1099-20
  • General G20WPR Specifications:
    • Part Number: G20WPR
    • Replaces Part Number: 1099, 1099-20
    • Microfree antimicrobial agent
    • Dimensions: 14 1/4″ x 12″ x 1 1/2″
    • Uses 50% less water than metal pads
    • Reduces impurities like bacteria, fungus, and algae


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