General 81-15 Humidifier Filter Replacement

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The General 81-15 Humidifier Filter Replacement helps to remove all minerals from the water that evaporates. Also known as part number 7099, the General Humidifier Filter will fit the General 81 Power Humidifier, a drum-type humidifier that is 100% evaporative and adds moisture in the form of water vapor only. The General 81 humidifier is a whole house bypass style humidifier designed for residential and light commercial applications. When minerals are left on the evaporator sleeve, they are not blown into the airstream to collect in the living area. Airborne droplets or mineral dust is avoided.

Depending on usage, replace your General 81-15 filter every 2 months, unless you are in a hard water area where you should replace the filter more frequently. The drum-mounted evaporator sleeve picks up moisture as it slowly rotates in a water reservoir. A float valve controls the level of water in the reservoir. The split drum allows easy separation for removal of polyurethane foam sleeve for cleaning. A pressure differential is created when forced warm air heating systems divert some heated air through a bypass duct to the humidifier.


General 81-15 Replacement Humidifier Filter Specifications:

  • Partnumber: 81-15; 7099
  • Replace every 2 months
  • Removes minerals from water
  • Dimensions: 7-1/2″x26-1/2″x1″
  • Fits General Power Humidifier Model 81


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